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Infant Mental Health Awareness Week

Sat 7 Nov 2015

The charity Parent Infant Partnership UK today launches with its partners the first national infant mental health awareness week in conjunction with the Royal College of Midwives, the Institution for Health Visiting, Community Practitioners Health Visitng Association, the Association of Infant Mental Health and Zero to Three 6-10 June 2016.

Infant mental health focuses on the social, emotional and mental well-being of infants, toddlers and their relationships and the various contexts within which care giving takes place. Infant mental health, therefore, focuses on relationships; infant development is conceptualized as always embedded within emergent, active systems of relationships. By definition the infant is born into a social world.

Infant mental health is rooted in the understanding that developmental outcomes emerge from infant characteristics, caregiver-infant relationships, and the environmental contexts within which infant-family relationships take place.

Events will be taking place across the country to raise awareness of what Infant Mental Health is and to highlight the importance of the conception to age 2 period. All information cn be found on the NEW website


Below are links to You Tube videos to understand further what infant mental health is and the science behind its importance.

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