creating a better future for the UK - one baby at a time

1001 Critical Days Manifesto reaches Toddlerhood

The voice of babies, toddlers and their families through the only Cross-Party Children's Manifesto in the UK this week has now reached its third year anniversary. Launched in 2013 the 1001 Critical Days Manifesto which emphasises the importance of the conception to age 2 period is now marking its developmental stage of toddlerhood. Over the past three years it has influenced a wide range of policy and practise across health, education and social care.

To mark this ocassion we have launched a NEW Life Chances Edition which continues to provide this NEW Government with the opportunity to seize the day for a long term future of the wellbeing of family and community life, by ensuring every baby is given the best start in life and where we realise a country that works for all. There is no better place to realise this than by beginning in the antenatal period where science highlights the optimisation of life chances begin.

Tomorrow's child is a vision for the future where supporting the potential of every citizen from their very beginnings offers a pathway for opportunity and social mobility. PIP UK is fortunate to facilitate the coalition of parties and partners who continue to ensure the rights of the infant and their fundamental need for healthy early relationships.