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It is Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

June 10-16 2018 is Infant Mental Health Awareness Week

This week we celebrate the third Infant Mental Health Awareness Week alongside the Association for Infant Mental Health UK.

The theme for this week's activity is 'The Importance of Attachment'.  There are different topics across the week as follows:

Monday - Bonding with the unborn baby

Tuesday - When things arent gpoing well

Wednesday - Towards secure attachment

Thursday - Importance of social interactions

Friday - Father's interactions

A range of activities and communications are being shared this week via social media using the hashtag #IMHAW18 and via the AIMH website and their Twitter feed.

PIP UK is hosting a conference in partnership with the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust on Friday June 15th sharing global initiatives and best practice in infant mental health.  Details can be found here.

The PIP network is involved as follows in addition to providing their day to day support for infant-parent relationships through their therapeutic work:

DorPIP have partnered with the Association of Infant Message and will be sharing information and podcasts throughout the week.  Check out their Twitter feed for more information.

NewPIP are involved in the North East 1001 Critical Days event on Tuesday June 12th.  Details can be found here.

EPIP have launched their new leaflet for parents entitled ‘Supporting Emotional Security and Attachment in Infants'.  This can be downloaded from the EPIP website.