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How to Set Up a PIP Service

Parent Infant Partnership UK has years of experience working with specialist parent-infant relationship services. Through our work directly setting up and supporting PIP services, and our close relationships with other specialist parent-infant teams around the country, we have accumulated a great deal of learning about how to establish strong and effective services. 

When we began supporting local services in 2013, we provided modest grants over three years to be used in conjunction with matched funds from local authorities or clinical commissioning groups to help establish a specialist parent-infant relationship service. Six services have been established in this way.  ​Please see our network of existing PIPs to see where our support already exists in the UK.

We have been working more recently with areas that have required clinical and operational support to establish the local need, and develop a local service but without the ened of financial assistance from Parent Infant Partnership UK.  

We are currently developing a detailed toolkit for areas wanting to develop a local service. Our toolkit will share our learning to date to support commissioners and providers who want to set up, improve and/or expand specialist services. We hope to make it easier for those who wish to set up these important services, and to support the sector to improve the services on offer in order to achieve the best outcomes for babies and their families.

The toolkit will be available in the Spring of 2019.  

If you are interested in finding out more about developing a local PIP please contact us.